7 Writing Mistakes Tainting Your College Papers

English has always been a love hate relationship for me.

I love to read. And I love to learn how language can be used to move people to tears or move them to action.

But I'm an atrocious speller and can't seem to ever use except and accept correctly.

Are you making any of these writing mistakes in your college papers. Impress your professors by improving your writing with these simple tips.

In college my struggles with grammar were always getting me into trouble. I was constantly losing points on my papers for my inability to spell things correctly. And I frequently received papers marked up with punctuation marks all over the place.

Below are 7 common mistakes students make in their papers. And I have been guilty of every single one so don't feel bad if these are you struggles too.

As someone who has survived their college experience here's my two cents. Take the time to really improve your grammar while in college. It will benefit you 10 fold when you enter the workforce and can compose emails that are coherent and to the point. I have seen so many of my peers whose emails are filled with poor grammar and spelling.

Most Common College Writing Mistakes